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The winner of the Golden Chair for Best Music Video is awarded 25 000 NOK presented by HQartist, a collaboration tool for the live music industry.

MONA B. RIISE is a graduate from the University of Oslo with a basic subject in Literature, Media and Communication and Political Science. In recent years, Mona B. Riise has been a judge in NRK's entertainment success Stjernekamp on NRK. But you have also seen, heard and read her star interviews from Los Angeles, where she worked as a freelance journalist for five years, before returning home. From 2019, Mona has been the regular host of Kulturstripa on NRK P2, which deals with popular culture. She has been a judge in Stjernekamp for a number of years, and will continue to do so in the autumn of 2021.

JONATHAN VIVAAS KISE has a bachelor's degree in photography from Falmouth University in England. For the past five years, Jonathan has worked closely with the Norwegian music industry, with everything from live photography, press photos and album covers for a large number of Norwegian and international artists. The driving force in his work is the collaboration with other creatives, and he works closely with several musicians to develop their visual identity, whether it is press photos, artwork or tours. 

Silya Nymoen makes music ranging from pop, rock and soul to cabaret. In the autumn of 2013, Silya participated in Stjernekamp on NRK1, took Norway by storm and was the winner of the season. Silya showed week after week that she is the ultimate artist with her distinctive vocals, strong musical moments and not least with an entertainer-talent most can only envy. In the winter of 2018, the audience got to see Silya on TV2's Every Time We Meet where she again showed her great musicality. In the winter of 2020, Silya has been seen on NRK in the new program Maestro, where celebrities compete to conduct KORK as best as possible in different genres.

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