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The winner of the Golden Chair for Best International Short Film is awarded 50 000 NOK.
Irasj Asanti

IRASJ ASANTI is an award-winning director. He studied acting at the Nordic Black Theatre School in Oslo, has acted in several Norwegian films, and now works as a director, writer, and actor. Asanti has written and directed several short films that have been screened at festivals and TV worldwide. His feature Høvdinger (2015) played in theaters, whereas his previous short film Break Me won an audience award at the Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival in 2019. At this year's festival, his new short Sand plays in competition. Asanti now works on a new short titled Alina to be filmed in August 2021, and develops an action thriller feature, both with support from the National Film Institute.

HELENE EGGEN has a Master's Degree in Media Studies from the University of Oslo, with a specialization in Film Studies and Art History. She has worked for a number of festivals in the art and film sectors. Her positions include Assistant Festival and Programme Director at Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival (AMIFF), and Communcations Manager at the Tromsø IFF as well as Oslo Art Weekend. She has also started working for Mirage, a new documentary film festival to be launched in Oslo later this year.

RUNAR SØRHEIM is a cinematographer, hailing from Ørsta in Western Norway, now living in Oslo. Sørheim graduated from The Norwegian Film School in 2014 and has been a director of photography on several award-winning short films, including Mom’s Man, Explosions in the Heart and No Man is an Island. He has also held separate exhibitions with still photography in the House of Photography in Oslo.


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