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Panel: New Wave Pornography


How do we battle taboos, reinforcement of negative attitudes and feelings of shame around something as natural as sex? Alternative porn (including feminist, artistic, and/or fair trade) is a movement celebrating the diversity in gender, identity, sexuality, ethnicity, bodies, personal and artistic expressions. The open dialogue between cast and crew creates a safe space, resulting in films with authenticity, positivity and empowerment, with great emphasis on artistic vision and content.

In this panel of filmmakers and experts we will explore themes around accessibility and need, in an open conversation about sex, sexuality and art. With pornography being so universally accessible, how can we change the negative perceptions surrounding something as basic as human sexuality? How specifically might porn be a force for improving our relationship to sexuality, both in the creation of porn and the consumption of porn?

This panel will be held in English.

Meet our panelists:

JENNIFER LYON BELL is an Amsterdam-based American filmmaker and founder of erotic film production company, Blue Artichoke Films. She has an honors BA in Psychology from Harvard University, and an MA in Film And Television Studies (film theory) from the University of Amsterdam. Her films have screened and won awards at numerous film festivals and museums in USA, Europe, Japan, and South America. Her arty erotic documentary Headshot, premiered at the Cannes Short Film Corner, and her virtual reality 3D 360° immersive experience film, Second Date, premiered and was nominated for a VR award at the Raindance Film Festival, and recently screened at the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam.                                           Blue Artichoke Films

MICHAEL PORTNOY is a New York-based multimedia artist. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Vassar College. His work often incorporates his background in dance and comedy, as well as the concept of Relational Stalinism. His performance-based work employs a variety of media: from film and participatory installations to theater, sculpture, writing, painting, and curation. His work has been exhibited and performed in museums around the world. He is a visiting professor at Malmö Art Academy. www.strangergames.com

SADIE LUNE is an interdisciplinary artist, sex worker, and parent. She has won awards for her short films and performances, appeared in feature films and queer porn, exhibited explicit whore-positive work in squats and the SFMOMA, and shown her cervix internationally. She writes, paints, present workshops, and speaks publicly on topics of sexuality, gender, intimacy, fertility, shame, feminism, kink, queer parenthood and sex work. Sadie is American, but lives in Berlin with her child and baby.

BISHOP BLACK is a British, Berlin-based dancer, sex worker, and actor, one of the most prominent and hard working figures in the Alt Porn industry today. He has won numerous awards at many sex positive festivals, and is a reflective and versatile spokeperson in and beyond the industry. www.sexschoolhub.com/performers/bishop-black/

Moderator PIERRE EMÖ is a French, Berlin-based actor, performer and model in the fields of film, theater and erotica. After playing the lead in erotica director Noel Alejandro’s Call Me a Ghost and The End, and a role in Bruce LaBruce’s FleaPit, he appeared in Yann Gonzalez’ Knife + Heart, which premiered in Competition in Cannes Film Festival, 2018. He is a recurring performer in the immersive theater productions of Thomas Bo Nilsson & Julian Wolf Eicke of The Berliner Ensemble, including their 2018 adaptation of Boccaccio’s The Decameron. He is also part of the Berlin-based collective Pornceptual and works as a programmer for Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival. He is currently involved in Endless, a film and performance project by Wojciech Puś, and his latest short film, Babtou Fragile, directed by Hakim Mao, is currently in post production.

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