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Fagsnakk: Regissør Anne Sewitsky og caster Yngvill Haga

ANNE SEWITSKY studied directing at the Norwegian Film School. Her feature film debut came in 2010 with the comedy Happy, Happy (Sykt lykkelig), which was awarded the World Cinema Dramatic Jury Prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. She went on to direct Totally True Love (Jørgen + Anne= sant, 2011), and her two following feature films, Homesick (De nærmeste, 2014) and Sonja – The White Swan (Sonja, 2018), both world premiered at Sundance. Most recently she has directed episodes for the tv shows Black Mirror and Castle Rock.

YNGVILL HAGA is a graduate from the Norwegian Film School, working as a journalist and casting director. Since 2008 she has gained extensive experience in casting for both film and television, working for some of Norway’s largest production companies. Her credits include Anne Sewitsky’s Happy Happy (Homesick, 2010), Homesick (2014), and Sonja – The White Swan (2019), Joachim Trier’s Thelma (2017), and Eirik Svensson’s WWII drama Den største forbrytelsen (The Biggest Crime), expected to start shooting in late fall. Among other projects, she is currently casting for Oslo Pictures and Joachim Trier’s Verdens verste menneske, Maipo and Petter Næss’ Lykkeland 2, and Fantefilm and John Andreas Andersen’s Nordsjøen.


Our industry talks is where Norwegian filmmakers and artists meet to talk and share experiences around processes and collaborations across work fields. In this event director Anne Sewitsky sits down with casting agent Yngvill Haga.
This will be held in Norwegian.

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