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Notes from Iran

A queer-feminist perspective on longing, belonging and empowerment.

Iranian film history has a deep tradition of resistance, self-empowerment and change. 

This program is characterized by a poetic and metaphorical visual language, as well as the ability to tell a story very explicitly and without detours.

We follow trans masculine, trans feminine and female protagonists surviving in a heteronormative environment. A queer-feminist comment on what a real woman and real man should be like is our common thread through this program. 

Curated by Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani, this program will leave you with courageous, articulate, and committed contributions to the ongoing feminist revolution. 

Jin*, Jian, Azadî! Women*, life, freedom!

Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani (no pronouns) is a German-Iranian non-binary curator, activist, musician and lecturer*researcher. Nastarans focus is on intersectional*queer*feminism, social justice, anti-discriminatory practice and on queer topics in film and art. Since 2011 Nastaran has been moderating for Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival, and curated, selected and reflected for the XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin in various positions since 2013. Over the past 14 years Nastaran has moderated political panels and film talks all over Europe. Nastaran is in the process of founding a queer-feminist distribution company that will have a strong focus on films from marginalized perspectives. In addition, Nastaran is also founding an institute for anti-discriminatory consultation for film production.


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