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Odelsgut og fantefølge

Who decides what is good art, and what kind of role can art play in society? These basic questions are put to the fore in this witty and entertaining documentary. A group of artists are invited to the village of Kvam in Gudbrandsdalen to give the inhabitants a public art installation. The artwork creates a tremendous engagement, and the dissatisfaction is so great that it is taken down before it is finished. But the art discussion continues among people in the village. Two years later, the municipal council decides to ask the artists back to complete what they started.

Villagers and Vagabonds depict what happens when a work of art meets resistance from the public. Does it also point to some solutions?

The film is available on our digital platform from June 9th. With the film as one of the starting points, we invite you to a debate on criticism of public cultural support in the film field on Friday June 11th at 2 PM. Read more about the event here. 


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