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The Hourglass Award consists of NOK 15.000,- and goes to the screenwriter(s) of a fiction or novella film in the Norwegian Short Film Competition.

Kristian Landmark is a screenwriter and director. He has a background in theater instruction and as a children’s books author, with a masters degree in screenwriting from the Norwegian FIlm School. His graduation film was the award winning Når jeg faller (2017). Landmark has since made both fiction- and documentary films. His documentary Tønes (2019) was the closing film at The Norwegian Film Festival that year. Landmark has in different roles taken part in production of fiction for both children and adults. In 2023 he has two films coming to cinemas. He wrote the film KuToppen-på sporet, produced by Qvisten Animation and in the fall, his feature film K-town will premiere. A film where he is both writer and director.


Miriam Larsen is an actor, screenwriter and series creator educated at the University of Stellenbosch and the Waterfront Theater School in Cape Town. In 2010, she won the Film Police’s Short Film Award for the short film Nummer, and has since worked as a screenwriter on series such as Julstjerna, Stayer and Hjem til Jul. She has been series creator on Evy og Alltid and Russebussen, which was nominated for the Gullruten award for best children’s and youth drama. She has worked with casting, done stand-up, written two books for Kagge Forlag under the pseudonym Vera Voss, and performed with the solo show Sædfuck – a slightly romantic comedy at Teaterkjelleren.

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