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The Norwegian Film Workers Association’s Technical Award consists of NOK 10.000,- and goes to a person displaying excellence in their field, in a Norwegian film in competition.
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Erik Poppe is one of Norway’s most famous directors and won the Amanda award for best film in 2014 with Tusen ganger god natt. He considers it a great honor to be part of the jury.

 I received the Technical Award as a young and newly graduated cinematographer. An important appreciation which gave me a push into the industry. I look forward to coming back to the Short Film Festival in Grimstad, which I have enjoyed both as a filmmaker and a jury member several years ago. 

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Lyder Stefan Minde Janøy has worked as an editor and animator for a number of years. His education is in music and he is very interested in sound and music. He has been a regular at The Norwegian Short film Festival for many years and has had his own films in the programme a couple of times. Between 2003 and 2013 he ran his own animation company, Animidas. In addition he works as an editor for both film and television. Today he lives in Bergen and works for Mothership Entertainment. 

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Sive Hamilton Helle has a master’s degree from HDK-Valand in Göteborg and a bachelor’s degree from London College of Communication in directing and scriptwriting. She has also studied Idea- and environmental history. At the moment she is teaching master students in film at HDK-Valand, in addition to working on film productions and writing and directing her own films. As an artist she is concerned with the connection between humans and environment through a critical look at nature, technology and industry.

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