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Southern Norwegian Film Center 15 years!

Since the start, Sørnorsk filmsenter has worked to build up the film industry and develop talents in the region. A work has shown results, through films which have won major awards at festivals in both Norway and abroad. Now they celebrate 15 years with a curated short film program. Leader of the film center Ingrid Falkenberg Dokka writes: 

“Our little retrospective short film program is a tribute to all our directors, screenwriters, producers and film workers. It is also a tribute to all who have contributed money, supported the center in any kind of way and that have laid the foundation for Sørnorsk filmsenter’s right to life. Selecting the films is like picking between your own children – completely impossible, but we had to make some choices. We believe that these films are like small bright beacons – signaling a good future on behalf of the South-Norwegian filmart and all those who contribute to it” 

Sørnorsk filmsenter invites you to a glass at Hestetorget after the program.

Bellow you can read a message from center leader Ingrid Falkenberg Dokka.


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