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Films in Dialogue - Re: DEAR OLEKSIY...

This programme is based on the idea of an exchange between pen pals. The dialogue begins with an email from John Canciani (Director of Programming at Winterthur Int. Short Film Festival in Switzerland) to Oleksiy Radynski (Ukrainian filmmaker, writer, and activist), in which John recommends a film and shares his thoughts on it. Oleksiy, in turn, responds with a message and a film suggestion. A ping-pong-like conversation evolves, both in the emails and in the film programme. This experiment shows how a programme can be created intuitively as well as collaboratively.

The idea started before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and thus took an unexpected and frightening turn. The films in the program consist of unique footage from Nashi, a russian nationalistic youth camp whose aim is to shape the leaders of the future, simulation technology in military conflicts, as well as a vision of Mariupol in 2068.

With its combined artistic and activistic starting point, the program will in a unique way contribute to keeping the attention around the war, with both documentary and artistic elements in the surrounding discussion. 

Sadly, Oleksiy Radynski is unable to travel at this time, but John Canciani will present the project and introduce the film program.



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