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There lived a remarkably grizzled man

Three films from Southern Norway

Southern Norway, with blue oceans, eternal sun and white painted houses, often show up in films and tv-series. In this curated programme as well, the southern landscape and skerries form the backdrop for the action in the three films we will see. But it’s not the usual happy south that is reflected in the people we meet here. Rather, we’ll meet individuals that don’t quite fit in, or who come from the outside. It is with this in mind that the films have been selected and they are all made by filmmakers with a connection to the region. In the three selected films, from three different decades, 1980’s 2010’s and 2020’s, we’ll meet respectively, a cool group of people from the capitol that encounter a little boy in the skerries, two polish workers that end up at a village party, and a young man returning to his hometown one summer. All seem alienated while they navigate a that appear both familiar, beautiful and frightening at the same time.


Curated by Birgitte Sigmundstad

Birgitte Sigmundstad is a visual artist, graduated from Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England, who works mainly with moving images. Sigmundstads films are essayistic, self reflecting and often with roots in historical happenings. Several of her films are about art history and the role of the artist. A recurring theme in Sigmundstads films is how art is used ideologically and as a part in nation building, as in Kunst og ukunst (2020) and in Hammersborg Protecting the bygone future, which look at the connections between the social democratic project and modern architecture. In later years, Sigmundstad has worked with several films as part of a bigger exploration project about the mediation of norwegian war occupation history and a film about the new national museum. 


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