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The award winning films 2023


The youth jury gives the prize to a film that manages to mix the genres of drama and horror in an engaging way.  The film’s main character experiences an incredible amount of crap in one day, and has to deal with it before many sick things starts to happen. The jury thinks the film succeeds in maintaining the tension in a surprising way through a main character that young people can identify with. 

Kortfilmfestivalen’s Youth Jury Award goes to Invisibles by director Matthieu Salmon.


For the fifth time Altibox has the pleasure to hand out The Spark Award to a filmmaker here in Grimstad. 
We are looking for creative, playful, brave and original filmmaking – and a good storyteller that can say something essential about our times with appeal to an audience.
This year there are many films in Grimstad with these qualities, therefore it has not been easy for the jury, and that is a good sign for the future of short films in Norway.
The person we have chosen for The Spark Award this year, tells a visual story based on childhood memories, about growing up across cultural backgrounds, classes and age, in a city that is rapidly changing.

The winner of The Spark Award is Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid for her film, 
A Home on Every Floor.
The director’s personal archive material elevates a banal mystery of a forgotten photograph into a highly engaging interrogation. The story is told expertly with the help of a rhythmically strong and humorous editing which moves us. Mørk has challenged and helped the story to open up to so much more than the question of who the people in the photograph are. An apparently abandoned project has been transformed into a strong tale of lives lived and interpersonal connections.

This year’s Technical Award goes to editor Jon Endre Mørk for New York 81.

This year, the film critics’ award goes to a film which moves its audience and touches upon important societal issues, and which demonstrates that we might be strongest when we share our vulnerability with others.
This documentary is a well-edited story of survival, and with liberating lightness portrays a long and winding road from the deepest despair to empowerment. The confession never becomes private, but is relatable in its insight into youth life and dreams.
The winner crosses the boundaries from vlog post to narrative short film, and reaches its audience just as well in a cinema as on a smaller screen. The young filmmaker speaks in the stylistic language of their generation, with personal experience and cinematic authority, and must be listened to by everyone.

This year’s Film Critics Award goes to The Lonely Wanderer by Kristian Bye Olsen.

Complications is an original and beautiful story about friendship and empathy, set in a world that is not always associated with this. The film’s script has a rock solid dramatic structure, complex characters, and funny and impressive dialogue. Complications is a valuable reminder of the importance of moving beyond stereotypes – and rather face each other as fellow human beings, despite the fact that this at times may be extremely uncomfortable.

The winner of the Hourglass Award is Complications, directed by Ivar Aase.

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