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Panel: Meet the festivals

Programmers from around the world gather in Grimstad for the Norwegian Short Film

Festival to introduce themselves to attending filmmakers. 

Wondering what the programming mandate is for Sundance? Or how the evaluation process works in Winterthur? Perhaps you have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere there is a rule-book giving you all the Dos and Don’ts when creating a strategy or submitting to a festival?

Join programmers from some of the industry’s most impactful film festivals and learn first hand what they are looking for, how they make their decisions, and what you as a filmmaker can do to make your film stand out in the submission process.

This conversation is designed to be an open, raw and honest (perhaps even a little brutal) interactive dialogue between festival and filmmakers. We expect myths and misunderstandings to be broken, and to end the session with a fresh breeze of clarity for all attending.

Saturday 13:00 Galleriet. Kathleen McInnis will host the talk


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