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Film talk:Thea Hvistendahl and John Ajvide Linqvist

John Ajvide Lindqvist is the author behind the books Let the right one in and The border, and he wrote the script when his books were turned into critically acclaimed films. Because of the dark themes of his books, Lindquist is today seen as Sweden’s undisputed master of horror. 

His next book to become film is Handling the Undead and Thea Hvistendal is the one directing. She has participated at the The Norwegian Short Film Festival a number of times, with shorts and music videos. Her first feature was the music film hybrid, Adjø Montebello, while Handling the Undead will be her first narrative feature film as a director. Hvistendahl and Lindqvist have collaborated on the script for this adaptation, and in the lead role we find Cannes winner, Renate Reinsve. The film has received financial support from NFI and is currently in post-production.

The conversation will focus on the collaboration process between director and scriptwriter when adapting literature to the big screen. They will talk about the process between author/script writer and director and their experience from this project. 

Film talk is a series of seminars where directors are in conversation with other central and important professional functions in the process of making a film. We wish to create an open and inviting conversation about their process and experiences that can inspire other filmmakers. 

The conversation will take place Saturday, June 10, 17:30 in Pan.

Kathleen McInnis will hold the talk, which will be in english. 


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