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Main programmer Jason Anderson presents a selection of films from Short Cuts, the short film section in the Toronto International Film Festival programme. Held every year in September, the festival is one of the world's largest and most diverse festivals.

“The Short Cuts team at TIFF has been thrilled to develop such a warm bond with the Norwegian Short Film Festival through its annual collaboration. It’s become a valuable opportunity to provide a point of connection between our festival and so much emerging Nordic talent. It’s also a means of giving further exposure to films we’ve been excited to share and support at TIFF. Such opportunities are surprisingly rare and very treasured, even more so at a time when we’re not able to be present in Grimstad. We are happy to share a few great Canadian shorts – like Vincent Toi’s amazing ANIKSHA and Sophy Romvari’s heartbreaking STILL PROCESSING – and more big favourites from our 2020 program.”

Jason Anderson


Aniksha, a young Mauritian woman, finds her first job at a call centre in the wake of her arranged marriage. As she discovers a new world of possibilities, she has to decide whether to break with traditions.

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Carina, a real estate agent in Beirut, finds herself in empty apartments waiting for clients to show up. Her intimate relationship with these empty homes echoes her sexual dissatisfaction.

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Two figures with different physical impairments find their way to one other under a hazy sun. They have nothing to hide from each other: one’s shortcoming is the other’s strength.

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Still Processing

A box of stunning family photos awakens grief and lost memories as they are viewed for the first time. Filmmaker Sophy Romvari documents her first-hand experience with an exploration into cinema as therapy in this nonfiction short.

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The Archivists

In a dystopian future, a travelling trio of musicians discover an abandoned house. Amongst the trove, one particular vinyl LP catches the band’s attention. 

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Strong Son

An endearing portrait of a South Asian father as he attempts to give life and marital advice to his bodybuilding and image-obsessed son.

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