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Sundance - Programmer Lisa Ogdie presents

The Sundance Film Festival takes place each year in Utah. The festival brings the most original storytellers together with the most adventurous audiences for its annual programme of dramatic and documentary films, installations, performances, panel discussions, and music events. Since 1985, hundreds of films launched at the festival have gained critical recognition, received commercial distribution, and reached audiences worldwide.

The short film program is assembled by a team of seven programmers who watch every single one of the more than 9,000 short film submissions that come in each year. During our 2020 online edition there were four short film programs, as well as short programs in sections for documentary and animation. All short films are considered for jury awards.

The selection presented here has been curated for The Norwegian Short Film Festival by Sundance shorts programmer Lisa Ogdie. It offers a sampling of the 2020 short film catalogue, including thought-provoking documentaries, stunning animation, and heartfelt narratives. In addition to new American talent, the program features strong contributions from Mongolia, Switzerland and Canada. The program begins with White Wedding, a charming portrait of unresolved relationships finding closure in new beginnings. Misery Loves Company is a sweet, animated ode to momentary melancholy. BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop, a lovely take on kindness and discovering what is truly important. Black Bodies is a heartbreaking spoken word piece on the modern black experience. Mountain Cat beautifully explores the nuance and constraints of familial obligation. In the Air Tonight is the enrapturing imagined origin story of an iconic piece of rock music. Little Miss Fate is an energetic animated piece on the choices we make and how much control we truly have. And with stunning originality, Lizard follows a young girl as she navigates a surreal and dangerous world.

White Wedding

Amidst a racially tense Southern wedding, a biracial bride has the chance to confront her estranged Black father after accidentally hiring his wedding band to perform. 

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Misery Loves Company

One night, Seolgi is lying on a grass field with friends. A shooting star falls, and dark and intrusive thoughts hit her. Her melancholy blooms into bright and colorful “flower people”, dancing around and making a wish for a meteorite to end the world.

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Little Miss Fate

Little Miss Fate lives in a world controlled by fate. When the opportunity comes, she steps into the role of world leader. 

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After 8-year-old Juwon gets removed from Bible class by her Sunday school teacher, she follows an Agama Lizard into the bowels of the “Heaven’s Gate” Mega Church. Her journey into the labyrinth exposes the financial inner workings and the hidden activities behind the scenes. 

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