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Elementary school screenings

Passion for film can begin at a very young age. That is why it is important for us in the Short Film Festival to offer a good and varied program that can delight and inspire the kids. This program is aimed at elementary school students, with fun Pixar-inspired animation in movies like «Treasure» and «Le cri", stop-motion animated movies like «The Landing», and movies that also offer some food for thought and can make the kids reflect, such as «Trapped» and «The Great Overflow».


March 2020. Schools are closing, and children are being home schooled. An important historical retrospect on this strange first period when Norway closed down.

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Two explorers in search of a forgotten treasure disturb the romance between an octopus and his beloved.

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Le cri

A dreadful scream pierces through the silence of a sleepy residence. What happened? The investigation begins.

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The Great Overflow

After a great flood, Pää floats down the river on the roof of his house. Soon he is joined by Nif and together they travel downstream and out into the ocean.

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The Landing

A girl is spending the day in a zoo with her mom and a bunch of other tourists. Suddenly an unknown ship floats into the dock of the zoo and two strange-looking creatures step out. 

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