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The Dream

A session between Diana and her therapist runs normally, until Diana tells her of a nightmare she has on a recurring basis. The narration of the dream violently changes the dynamics, and blurs the line between dreams and a personal tragedy.

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In the mountains of south-west Bulgaria, according to Slavic pagan tradition, the so-called ‘Kukeri’ come together at the beginning of each year and perform a ritual to chase away evil spirits. 

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Bad Omen

Kabul, Afghanistan. Pari, an in-house tailor, must find the means to purchase her prescription glasses in order to save her job.

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As Louise prepares to go out of her building, a man hands her a bag before being picked up by the police.

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The Doll

After consulting with his relatives, a 35-year-old father approves of the marriage for his 14-year-old daughter. As individuals with differing perspectives his family grapple with the decision. 

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