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Are You Hungry?
We offer a cinematic Broth of Vigour spiced with Cayenne and Bitter Herb plus a (Progressive) Touch of Apple Sauce and Meats cut To the Bone (slicing Under the Fish Scales.)

Our 37 films are all Memorable, providing Something To Remember until next Weekend and beyond—because we don’t use an Algo-Rhythm, we seek Gusts Of Wild Life! All humans are Awaiting Death and a trip across the Styx, of course, and some will End Up In Jail. But these 37 great shorts (Examine the list!) at Least show us sunshine through The Rain. Whether you’re a Baby Mommy or a Baby Dyke in Dungarees, we’re here for you. So Stay Awake, Be Ready!

— Yours Sincerely, the KFF Team.

Neil Young

Neil Young regularly reviews films for The Hollywood Reporter and has been a frequent contributor to Sight & Sound, Tribune Magazine, and others. Based in Sunderland and Vienna, he now works in a consultation/programming/moderation capacity for half a dozen festivals across Europe including the Viennale, and he was Director of the Bradford International Film Festival at the National Media Museum from 2011 to 2015. He has served on more than two dozen festival juries, including Cannes (Semaine de la Critique). His short film Vilniu Detroit premiered at the Vilnius International Film Festival in 2016.

Anita Svingen

Anita Svingen is the festival manager at The Norwegian Short Film Festival, and has been attached to the festival since 2006. She has a bachelor's degree in Film and TV studies from the University of Westminster in London, and worked in TV production for many years.

Bård Ydén

Bård Ydén has been the editor for the Norwegian Short Film Festival since 2018, but has worked with film festivals since 2003. From 2007 to 2016 he was the Festival Director for Oslo/Fusion Film Festival, a role he resumed in 2018. He has programmed for several international festivals and has an extensive jury experience. He is the co-founder of The Faroe Islands’ Minority Film Festival, and in 2019 he joined the team of Berlinale Horizon's Startups-program.

Julie Pichard

Julie Pichard has a degree in film editing and has worked extensively as an editor in France and Norway. She has also studied cultural project management and worked as a coordinator for Institut Français at the French Embassy to Norway. Julie started as guest coordinator for the festival in 2019 and now works as the festival's producer.

Vanja Ødegård

Vanja Ødegård has previously worked as festival and guest coordinator, as well as programmer for The Norwegian Short Film Festival. She has a master's degree in Film Studies from NTNU, and been festival director of the Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, in addition to working for Kosmorama, Films From the South and other festivals. She currently works as a research librarian at the Film and Media Section of the National Library of Norway.

Cato Fossum

Cato Fossum is a former programmer for Tromsø International Film Festival and Director of Programming at Oslo Pix. He also contributes to film magazines Z and Wuxia. Fossum now works for The Norwegian Short Film Festival.

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