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In a dystopian city on the verge of collapse after cockroaches have taken over, a brotherhood sends 17-year-old Tim on a mission to blow up the cockroaches’ nest to save his hometown. But a meeting with a stranger makes Tim reconsider his perception of reality.

Cockroaches is an animated fable about exclusion and extremism, showing how search for acceptance can have fatal consequences. In a time when the extreme right is once again marching across many European countries, the film aims to send a warning.

Adel Khan Farooq

Adel Khan Farooq is a Norwegian director, author and journalist known for films and texts related to alienation, radicalization and extremism. He won wide acclaim with his documentary film The Norwegian Islamist (2017) and is currently in production with his live action feature debut. Cockroaches is Farooq’s first venture into animation.

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