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Meet The Cultural Schoolbag

Why is The Cultural Schoolbag important for you as a filmmaker?

The Cultural Schoolbag (DKS) is a nationwide program to ensure that all school pupils in Norway experience professional arts and culture of all kinds. It is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Culture and Equality and the Ministry of Education and Research, and with all counties and municipalities in Norway.

The activities cover the entire spectrum of artistic expressions – from film, literature, music and cultural heritage, to performing and visual arts.

This is why DKS is an important arena for screening and presenting films.

DKS is both a job market and a screening arena for you as a filmmaker, and also a great opportunity to connect with a young and honest audience. 

Do you want to know more? 

Welcome to an informative meeting with the film producers at DKS. 

There will be food and drinks! 

The Cultural Schoolbag Norway

This is The Cultural Schoolbag

Thursday 15:00 Galleriet

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