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Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum

Screen Talent Europe is a network of film centers working with talent development in Europe. Its aim is to increase co-productions, networking opportunities and collaborations between emerging filmmakers across Europe.

10 emerging European filmmakers are invited to pitch their short film projects at the 8th annual Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum in Grimstad Thursday June 8 at 12 pm. The pitch will take place in Kulturhuset’s cinema PAN, in front of an audience and a very nice, hand-picked jury. 

The winner will take home a production grant of 4 000 Euro..

Please join us and support the pitchers, and get a preview of great upcoming short films!

Tuesday 10:00 Pan

Read more about this years participants here

Aarhus Filmværksted

Carl Veis, Aarhus/Denmark
Filmværkstedet København

Nivetha Balasubramaniam, Copenhagen/Denmark

Obed Wilson, Gothenburg/Sweden

Nazia Mohammad, Glasgow/Scotland
MOIN Filmfund Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein

Moritz Mössinger, Hamburg/Germany
New Nordic Wave

Eza Doortmont, Leeuwarden/Netherlands

Ingrid Marie Røine, Oslo/Norway
Film i Skåne

Alessandro Stigliano, Ystad/Sweden

Nils Hanssen, Heerlen/Netherlands
Film Stockholm

Nicole Khadivi, Stockhom/Sweden

Daniela Toma, Tromsø/Norway

We are very happy to announce this year’s splendid jury and host!

The jury consist of british-born and french-based writer Pierre Hodgson, Norwegian directror Marius Myrmel and Norwegian filmmaker Mariken Halle.

 Actor and comedian Hedda Gullkstad will lead us seamlessly through the event.

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