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Panel: Sales and distribution in the short film circuits

Are sales and distribution for short films growing, healthy and broad, or are we facing new challenges to getting short films out to the global audience?

And what do you, the filmmakers, need to know to be uniquely prepared for bringing your

projects to market? What are realistic deliverables to prepare during production? How

important are rights and clearances? Can you sell a short without marketing elements such as stills, trailer, or poster? Who should direct the festival strategy for short films – is it the

filmmakers? Or the sales agents? Or a mix of both? And how, exactly, do you gauge which sales agent is right for you?

Get all your questions answered by our exclusive team of sales agents and distributors:

Sydney Neter (SND Films, Netherland)

Jonas Brenna (Aftenposten, Norway)

Millan Vazquez-Ortiz (freak agency, Spain)

…and more.

Thursday 14:00 Vesle Hallvard

This event will be in English


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