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Panel discussion: Where are all the girls? - On gender among music video directors

Live torsdag 10. juni kl. 12.00-13.00

Why are most music videos created by men?

In the last ten years, only 1 out of 4 nominated music videos on the Short Film Festival's program has been directed by women. An unevenness the Norwegian short film competition program otherwise doesn’t have. Why is the music video genre still so dominated by male directors? Is it due to a culture where men choose each other as partners? Does it have to do with the way music videos are financed? Or is it simply less attractive for women to make music videos?

I panelet: Emilie Norenberg (regissør, Bacon), Lars W. Nygaard (Creative manager, Universal Music) og Roza Taslimi (Endringsagent i Music Norway). Samtalen blir moderert av Torgny Amdam.


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