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8007 Marina Apartment

Situated in a small Norwegian city, a group of friends have different approaches for reaching fame. This throws them into a maelstrom of betrayal and unhealthy competition.

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You Are Not Alone

Gertrud and her friends have always had a good time together. But as her husband’s illness gets worse, and she finds herself on the edge of losing her job, her friends plan to put a smile on her face again. 

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Headless Again

In a state of isolation, Headless is trying to get out. But the freedom outside is both tempting and frightening. 

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Sara and Cecilie's friendship takes a turn when they both blackout after a night of partying together. Sara discovers secrets Cecilie confesses that night – and has trouble understanding what is true and what’s not.

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Milk Me

In a remote Norwegian valley, the young farmer Per lives his lonely life. He shares the farm with Vigdis, his only cow. Their peaceful days will shortly end when Per discovers techno music. 

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