The Play Of Everyman

Filmen viser utdrag av Norges første prøving av §112 i Lagmanns og Høyesterett. Jussprofessor Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde oppsummerte dommen slik: “Paragrafen er vakre ord på et papir, men stort sett uten innhold”.

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On a windswept cliff Birgit (54) fights a battle against wind turbines. With knitting, chocolate cake and a will of steel, she challenges her husband to an unexpected duel. 

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The Children

Two kids find a magical world inside a pile of branches - a pile the grown ups want to get rid of during today’s "dugnad".

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Lonely Cowgirl

Alone in her apartment, Liv is counting the days until she is reunited with the woman she loves. Accompanied by her audio-tapes, she thinks back on her relationship as the solitude slowly begins to test her mental strength.

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Wild Horses

Ine (65) is a horseback-rider in the grey zone of dementia. One day her daughter demands that she give up her dearly beloved, but mismanaged horses.

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