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Lokoy x Nils Bech – Relay

You’re invited to an Apathetics Anonymous group session in Oslo. The ‘AA’ group’s attendees include rising Norwegian artists, actors and musicians such as GABIFUEGO (of Boy Pablo), Kamara and Safario. 

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Ruben – Running

In Running, we start right where we left off in Ruben's last video Mama Don't Know, in a dystopian world outside of Rubens own head. 

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FLTY BRGR GRL – Slowdance

FLTY BRGR GRL is a garage pop duo that makes cute and creepy songs about love. The music video is a pink and dreamy prom night with a touch of Transylvania, following themes of love, infatuation and lethal obsession.

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Ruracio – Matata

In many African societies, the groom's family presents either money or cows to the bride's family as a gesture of his willingness to marry her. The song puts an urban/modern spin to it.

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Sondre Justad – Sorry

Sondre Justad’s song, Sorry, is about how he has changed from when he was little, through his music career to who he is today. A cocktail of live action footage, personal home videos and animated sequences.

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