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KD - Norwegian documentaries

Fortune Seekers

A stylistic documentary that takes a look at Norwegians living in Torrevieja in Spain, and their thoughts on traveling to a foreign country in search of happiness.

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Made in Skene

A film that connects past and present around the relationship between a father and son shaped by their surroundings.

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Stories from the Shower

What do young people think about showering at school after gym class? Experiences from the same changing room can be very different. The film examines adolescents' experiences in school showers and changing rooms. 

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The Play Of Everyman

The film shows excerpts from Norway's first trial of §112 in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Law professor Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde summed up the verdict as follows: "The paragraph is beautiful words on a piece of paper, but mostly without content".

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You Are Not Alone

Gertrud and her friends have always had a good time together. But as her husband’s illness gets worse, and she finds herself on the edge of losing her job, her friends plan to put a smile on her face again. 

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