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Between the northernmost city in the world, on a long polar night, and a foggy summer morning in the south, a dream, with all of its doubts, takes place.

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The Shift

Anna is searching through the discounted items at the supermarket, trying to find the most affordable necessities. At the checkout, her agency calls; she has lost her shift.

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Black on Gray

A man whose car has broken down on the road, gets a mechanic to fix it in a sub street. As the repairman starts checking out the engine, the owner of the car begins fighting with the repairman.

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No Body

A young man drowned in a river, but no body was found. His father seeks the body, day after day, on the shores of the river. A specialised emergency-situation search party is scouting the riverbed in a lifeboat. Four young men recount the accident which happened a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, the river flows on, but the mood it evokes, calm and serene at the beginning, changes dramatically.

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The Letter Room

When a kind-hearted prison officer (Oscar Isaac) is transferred to the letter room, he soon gets involved in an inmate's personal affairs.

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