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Guillaume kills Horacio “because he was shouting too loud.” At his trial, the lack of the motive is perplexing. During his 10 years in prison, Guillaume gradually forgets the story which convinced no one. When he gets out, someone starts shouting again…

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Three best friends, with their own set of rules, get into a fight with local boys. When things get rough, they are saved by a mysterious stranger.

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Masks and Men

The passage of time during the pandemic has grown to become its own character. The world froze, together with the camera on a balcony. It’s watching a shard of the world in a frame and a unique slice of time we have all found ourselves in. But life continues under the balcony. New characters are moving along like on a stage.

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The Criminals

Nazli and Emre are a young couple that love each other and seek to enjoy themselves. Sexuality is not taboo for them. They freely and joyfully desire each other. Their only obstacle is others. The Criminals gives a glimpse into how an entire country is being turned into a gigantic prison, a society where everyone is being watched and controlled.

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The Void of Maws

Deivis, an isolated teenager, finds a body on the foggy slopes of mysteriously deserted roads. A young man that belongs to the world of the dead, will be the only bridge to find a group of people that will put an end to his loneliness.

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Nenad is a worker at a train repair factory in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as many young people around him, he plans to get work in Slovenia. Between nostalgia for the homeland and a dream of a better life, the film explores the dilemmas that arise when you decide to leave your country.

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