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Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted their films for consideration to the 47th Norwegian Short Film Festival!

Our pre-juries are now working tirelessly to select the titles for this year’s official competition programme, which will be screened in Grimstad from June 12 to 16 — and on our digital festival platform from June 12 to 23.

Everyone who has submitted a film will receive a response on Wednesday April 10. On the same day, the competition programme will be announced on our website and socials.

Here are this year’s film submissions in numbers:


This adds up to a grand total of 3412 film submissions — even more than last year!

In other words, there is every reason to expect a strong edition of the Norwegian Short Film Festival in just under 3 months.

We wish all our friends and followers a happy Easter, and we hope to see you in Grimstad in June.

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