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The Window

A year after Beirut’s port explosion, Basma and Mariam reunite in their old bedroom. Surrounded by a view of the port’s remains, the two women attempt to resolve their shared trauma and broken relationship.

The Window regissør_Sarah Kaskas

Sarah Kaskas

Sarah Kaskas is a Lebanese/American filmmaker, music composer and film educator. She received her MFA in Cinematic Arts in 2011, and her thesis film, «Fugue», toured several festivals before being sold to BBC Arabic’s ‘Alternative Cinema’. In 2016, Sarah co-founded the independent production company Karaaj Films under which she directed «Bread and Tea», winning Best Short Documentary at Cinéma Vérité. In 2018, her debut feature documentary «Underdown» world premiered at IDFA. It is still touring festivals and has won several international awards, most recently Best Documentary at Jerusalem Arab Film Festival 2021.

In addition to «The Window», Sarah also released the short documentary «STRUCK» in 2021. She resides in Beirut and is currently in development with her first feature fiction film.

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