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The Diaper Cake

The Diaper Cake

Lena and Vitya, both in their early 20s, are two kids who now have a kid of their own. In the postnatal hospital room, like in limbo, their first team project is to wake their son for a feed. As the new parents repeatedly fail, they have to deal with the irreversible changes in their lives and with each other. Meanwhile, the diaper cake silently sits in the room, like a time bomb.

Anastasia Babenko

Anastasia Babenko is a Ukrainian filmmaker and photographer currently based in Seattle. Prior to writing and directing, she had worked as a news reporter in Ukraine, Germany, and the U.S. Her latest fashion videos include a collaboration with Ukrainian designer Anton Belinskiy for Paris Fashion Week. Apart from her artistic practice, Anastasia curated shows and film programs for various galleries and film centers. She was also a part of the SIFF 2020 programming team. In 2022, Anastasia will co-curate The Middle Seat, a six-month-long exhibition series at Das Schaufenster, centered around Eastern European immigrant artists.

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