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Prayers for Sweet Waters

A Burundian refugee seeking sanctuary rests on faith as she searches for belonging. An elder dedicated to her community reflects on wisdom from the past. A genZ navigates finding safety and family in online spaces. Stories intersect across vivid realities and dreamscapes to submerge us into the worlds of three transgender sex workers in Cape Town, South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elijah Ndoumbe

Elijah Ndoumbe is a multidisciplinary artist and moving image director. They work towards embodied methods of artistic connection, care and radical imagination. Their image-making relationships extend to building close communities between the USA, South Africa, West Africa and the extended black and trans diaspora. While their work is rooted in the image, they see photography as a practice of care that is capable of producing a radical-care-politic in community, in collaboration, collective production and intentional practice. Feelings of breath, body, space, desire, music and movement are key elements to their process of image-making.

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