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In the middle of quite an ordinary housing estate on a steep slope, a modernist building stands somewhat concealed by tall trees. Is it a residence, a weekend home, or a bunker? The building with its matt shimmering surfaces and dark rooms was designed by the Austrian architect Friedrich Binder and built in 1968-69, to be inhabited by the Binder couple themselves.
According to the myth, Mrs. Binder almost never left the cellar following her husband’s passing.
The building stood empty for a couple of years after the death of the widow.

As the remarkable house is to be renovated and rebuilt, Hannahlisa Kunyik puts together a film crew of artists, musicians and theorists. In a performative measurement of the house, she creates a requiem for the location, an investigation of its residents, an abstract narrative that leaves the viewer with one wish: more!


Hannahlisa Kunyik

Hannahlisa Kunyik is a visual artist living in Vienna. She works with performance, installation, film and video, photography, language and print. She had solo exhibitions at MOM Art Space, Hamburg, What keeps me alive, and at VIN VIN Gallery, Vienna, Great Wall Something, 2019. For her work she received awards like the Start-Stipendium for Media Art, the Shanghai residency grant or the Ö1 Talentestipendium. Works by her are represented in the Wien Museum Collection, in the State Collections of Lower Austria and in private collections.

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