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Time is running out for Ana, who arrives from school ready to finish her last school project. Her only impediment: her own home.

Simón González

Simón González is a Venezuelan actor and director, born on September 20, 1993 in Trujillo. Venezuela. He studied in the City of Maracaibo, graduating as a Bachelor of Audiovisual Communication from the Rafael Belloso Chacín University with three years of study in Audiovisual Arts at the University of Zulia. During his stay in that city, he worked as an actor in different audiovisual productions and began as a director with the short films «Fronterizo», «LALALA» and «No more Charosky», all of them participating in different film festivals nationwide, among which were the VENEZUELAN FILM FESTIVAL and the MANUEL TRUJILLO DURÁN FESTIVAL stand out.

Then he moved to the city of Caracas to be part of the cast of the feature film «Direction Opuesta» directed by Alejandro Bellame. In the capital, he began working as an actor in different productions for MicroTeatroVenezuela and La Caja de Fósforos. Later, he made his debut as a writer and theater director with the works, ?1, 2, 3 Pollito Inglés? and ?Cam Girl?, the latter being awarded with five awards, including Best Work and Best Direction, from the MicroTeatroVenezuela awards.

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