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Break Me

Knus meg

Mansour’s love for his best friend Andreas is put to the test when his strict, religious father wants to take him back to their homeland for an arranged marriage.

KNUS MEG_regissør Irasj Asanti

Irasj Asanti

Irasj Asanti is an award-winning director. He graduated with a degree in acting from the Nordic Black Theatre School in Oslo, and currently works as a writer, actor, and director. He has starred in several Norwegian films, written and directed several short films and series that have been shown in festivals and on TV worldwide. In 2015, he directed, wrote and acted in the feature film Høvdinger. His next short, Sand, was in competition at both Academy Award qualifying The Norwegian Short Film Festival and Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2021, and has won two international awards in 2022. Break Me was the winner of Blikk Audience Award, Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival 2019.

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