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The Coins

Stavanger, Norway, 1968: Four boys decide to bury some ancient Chinese coins in an excavation field in the city center and consequently rewrite world history. Inspired by a true story.


Maria Lavelle, Johannes Vikse Pedersen

Maria Lavelle is a Norwegian writer, director, and producer with a Master degree from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in New York. As a producer, her work has screened at top festivals in both the US and the UK. Her previous short film, Holy Jail (2019) won the Audience Award for Best Student Short at the Oscar-qualifying Austin Film Festival. In 2021, she founded the production company NOET in Haugesund.

Johannes Vikse Pedersen is a Norwegian film director, born and raised in Haugesund. He has a filmmaking degree from University of Roehampton in London, receiving the program’s highest recognition for his thesis film, Petite. In 2021 he worked as a Script Supervisor for Hollywood director Harald Zwart on the film, Long Flat Balls 3. Pedersen currently works as a commercial director for an agency in Oslo.

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