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Here Ends the World We've Known

Here Ends the World We've Known

Ici s'achève le monde connu

French West Indies, 1645. Ibátali, a Native Kalinago married to a French settler, embarks on a dangerous journey with marooned African, Olaudah. She is willing to sacrifice him to save herself, but their shared wounds bring them closer. Will they manage to restore their humanity and escape their colonial fate?

Anne-Sophie Nanki

Anne-Sophie Nanki is an Afro-Caribbean director and screenwriter from Guadeloupe. She began studying film and theater at 18, and later graduated from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University. She began screenwriting as a contributor on short films, TV series like HBO’s Exterminate all the Brutes, and feature films such as Sextape by Antoine Desrosières, which premiered in Un Certain Regard at Cannes 2018. Here Ends the World We’ve Known is her first short film, from which she is currently developing the feature film, Here the New World Begins. Her mission is to explore themes of race, gender and politics, with a focus on the perpetuated effects of colonialism today and finding their roots in the past.

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