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Gede Vizyon

Gede Vizyon

Gede Vizyon takes the viewer on an unusual tour of the Grand Cemetery of Port-au-Prince. Something runs loose through the labyrinthine structure of the cemetery, capturing images and sounds in its way. In response to the documentation, Hougan Jean-Daniel Lafontant creates spoken poetry and Mambo Jacqueline sings religious hymns.

Marcos Serafim, Jefferson Kielwagen, Steevens Simeon

Zé Kielwagen (Brazil) is an artist and a researcher whose artistic practice is best described as intervention or social art. He teaches Sculpture and History of Art at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. Marcos Serafim (Brazil) is an artist and researcher working with film, video and sound across theatrical exhibition and gallery installation. He is Assistant Professor of Photography, Video and Imaging at the University of Arizona. Steevens Simeon (Haiti) is a visual artist who works with photography and video. Their work has been screened in film festivals in multiple countries.

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