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IKD1 - 6. Element


Struggling to make a living in the markets of Abidjan, a group of young delinquents try to find new ways to make a living. But at what cost?

Norwegian premiere

IKD Element - Will Niava, Latigone N_Goma

Will Niava, Latigone N'Goma

Will Niava‘s work is as expansive as his background, splitting his time between West Africa, the US , and Canada. Combining a striking and raw visual aesthetic with visceral storytelling, Niava’s films are provocative and immersive cinematic experiences.  Will has garnered numerous awards from over 80 international film festivals, as well as being featured in the prestigious Criterion Collection, with his short film, Zoo. In addition to directing the TV-series Shuga Babi for MTV, Will has co-writen the feature, Paradise, along with Oscar nominated director Jeremy Comte.

Latigone N’Goma is a French-Congolese filmmaker. At a young age she formed a collective with which she created music videos. She has had various roles, from writing to post-production, in the French film industry. She co-founded the association Afro Fiction to bring together Afro-descendant filmmakers in France as well as a production company in the Ivory Coast, where she later settled. She has had screenwriting training at CIFAP and co-written several projects with directors such as Jeff Taver and Nasser Bessalah.

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