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Elliot (10) spends his summer at his grandparents’ in the Basque Country in France. As a Norwegian, he struggles to adapt, unlike his sharp-witted French cousins. Observing the brutal landscape and the mystical village, his anxiety grows. And who is Brouillarta? World premiere.

NKD - Ingvild Søderlind

Ingvild Søderlind

Ingvild Søderlind is a Norwegian award-winning director and scriptwriter. Her breakthrough short film Jenny premiered at the Berlinale in 2011 and in 2020 she made her debut feature with All Foreigners Keep their Curtains Closed, a humorous and poetic depiction of a young girl’s first experience with love. Søderlind’s films with young female leads often challenge the depiction of female sexuality and defy stereotypical conceptions. Søderlind has also used her own children as actors, depicting complex love between siblings with a dark undertone. Søderlind directs with an awareness of social status and living conditions, portrayed with beauty and tenderness, often dreamy and subjective in its point of view.

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