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A 12-year boy lives with his father who is lost in bottomless sorrow after his wife is gone. The father is a shadow wandering around the house from bed to meaningless tv and back. The boy washes clothes, makes dinner and goes to school.

He misses his dad and tries to reach him.

In the forest the boy has found a ruin after burnt down house. This is his free zone away from his troubles. One day he finds dog collar with the name Attila. When he reads the name a dog barks and he finds an aggressive dog tide up in the cellar. He tries to get close to the dog but is meet with aggression.

The dog is like his father a hurt soul. The boy finally manages to connect with the dog and trough their meetings finds the strength to break through the apathy of his father.


Fredrik Holmen Lillegraven, Mads Eriksen

The film has two directors, Fredrik Lillegraven who came up with the idea and Mads Eriksen who wrote the script.


Fredrik is an up-and-coming director who has a bachelor in film theory and dramaturgy from

California State University. He has directed shorts, music videos and commercials. This is his debut on a large-scale production.

Mads graduated from the Norwegian Film school in 2010 as a script writer. He has since worked in the business as both director and scriptwriter. He has written and directed several short films, many aimed at a young audience. He won the script competition at Kristiansand Children’s Int. Film festival twice in 2010 and 2012, and both films were later produced and screened at the festival.

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