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An Encounter

Freely adapted from a James Joyce short story, An Encounter follows Stephen and Jay, (13), as they take a day ditching School. Jay is a boy Stephen considers to be beneath him. Nervous of being detected, the pair stick to the margins, along the royal canal and through the anonymous docklands until the afternoon finds them on the grassy banks of the Irishtown shore. As they lie hidden in the grass, a strange man approaches. What unfolds with this man terrifies Stephen, and will never be erased from his memory.

Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell is an Irish born actor, writer and first time director. Her career in theatre began in 1999, when she founded the Cafe Theatre in Dublin. As an actor her films have been accepted into Sundance, Berlinale, Venice, Toronto, Tribeca and San Sebastián. Kelly has recently finished directing her debut film, An Encounter, which is an adaptation of James Joyce’s Dubliners.

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