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Young Guns

When the students of Helgenæs Boarding School go hunting together, it is primarily about what gets shot and who shoots it. But for these youngsters, who seem to find themselves somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, the hunt is a focal point for a shared culture as well as an identity. It becomes their way of tackling the transition into adulthood.

Andreas Thaulow

Andreas Thaulow

Andreas (b.1980) graduated as a writer/director from the Copenhagen-based filmmaker-community Super 16 in 2012. His graduation film, Turbo, was nominated for a Danish academy award for best short fiction in 2013. His next short film, The Fall, a Norwegian mountaineering-drama, has been screened and won awards in festivals around the world. In addition to his documentary work, Andreas completed another short film, Pistol, in 2016 and he continues to develop new screenplays for his next fictional project.

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