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We'll Go to Neuilly Inch'Allah

We'll Go to Neuilly Inch'Allah

On ira à Neuilly inch'Allah

We hear the first strike of young workers from Velib, the Parisian rental bike company. We hear them learning how to drive and organize a demonstration, with the typical language of working-class areas. We see them traveling from the outskirts to Velib headquarters in Neuilly.

Sound director Mehdi Ahoudig started out working with contemporary dance and theater, before he went towards radio. His documentaries contain an ambitious sound dimension. He has been teaching documentary sound techniques in Arles since 2002. In 2010 he won the Europa Prize of sound documentary in Berlin.

Anna Salzberg encountered documentary filmmaking in the video workshop at the Santé Prison, in Paris in 2001. Today she works on experimental short films in super8 and works on a documentary film on femininity through the mother / daughter relationship. Her first documentary film, Malaises, directed with Éléonore Merlin between 2007 and 2008 won the Images Rotary’s Young Reporter prize.

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