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Without us

Without us

Without Us

What would happen if we suddenly disappeared, if all human beings just vanished from the face of the Earth?

How would nature react if it were suddenly relieved from our constant pressure? What would the world look like without us?

Julie Engaas

Julie Engaas (b.1968) is educated at the National College of the Arts in Oslo, Norway, as well as studies in animation at Volda University College where she graduated in 1998. Since then she has directed several animated shorts, as well as the animated documentaries Sound-Shadows (2008) and Blame it on the Seagull (2013). Among others the short film Leonid Shower won both the Audience and Critic’s Awards at the Norwegian Short Film Festival in 2004, and Blame it on the Seagull won The Norwegian Film Workers Associations Award at the same festival in 2014. Blame it on the Seagull also won the award for Best Norwegian Short Film at Minimalen, in Trondheim. Blame it on the Seagull was also screened at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2014.

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