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Tito, a neighborhood boy that everyone is always teasing, wants to prove his worth. He’s already been through several initiation tests, and he is now doing car donuts in a vacant lot around his neighborhood with his new “friends” after pulling an all-nighter. They are all having fun, playing music and taking drugs, but then a comment from Tito turns the party into a macabre joke. His friends force him to commit a robbery to complete the initiation ritual.

Raquel Guerrero

Raquel Guerrero (b. 1980, Spain) has developed her audiovisual career mainly as an actress. Useless, her first short film, is her leap to writing and directing. She is currently about to finish the script for her first feature film and the production of documentary In-Progress, where she is an executive producer as well. She won the International Screenplay Contest Filmarket Hub 2021 with the screenplay of her film Zoe.

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