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IKD1 - 3. The Poem We Sang

The Poem We Sang (KD)

غنينا قصيدة

The Poem We Sang is an experimental documentary in colour and black and white, that meditates on love and longing – the love of one’s family and the longing for one’s home.

Norwegian premiere


IKD The Poem We Sang - Annie Sakkab

Annie Sakkab

A Palestinian-Jordanian-Canadian, Annie Sakkab is an independent filmmaker and photojournalist. She seeks long-form narrative with a focus on women’s issues, identity, and social justice. Her first short documentary Hollie’s Dress had its World Premiere at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2020 and was created in collaboration with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Her second short experimental documentary, The Poem We Sang examines Intergenerational trauma and post-memory in the context of Palestine. 


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