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The Martyr

The Martyr

El Mártir

Two Syrian brothers illegally cross a border to enter into a western country. Their sister narrates this journey where present time, past or the oneiric all jumble together to become both a dream and nightmare of our current world.

Fernando Pomares

Fernando Pomares is a filmmaker and creative director who combines projects between live-action and animation. His first feature film, Death In La Alcarria (La Muerte en La Alcarria), was released at Visions Du Réel Festival. His last short film, The Martyr won the Golden Spike at SEMINCI in Valladolid in 2020. His animated short film Morning Cowboy was premiered at the Berlinale (2017) and was selected in almost a hundred international and national festivals. He is currently directing his first 3D animated feature film with the Production Tilma Films. He is also a professor of documentaries and projects at ESCAC and a professor of directing in BAU’s Master in Stop Motion Animation.

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